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In Nairobi, Kenya we have established a partnership with one of our dear friends, Nelly Kagoro. She works with Raggamuffin as the head of the Ragga' Kenya division. We support her mission and that of Raggamuffin's to ethically source handmade goods and change the lives of artisans worldwide. The culture of the business is to provide a way of income as well as skills and knowledge to allow the women in the slums of Kenya an opportunity for hope. 

Nelly's teachings enables these women to propel themselves in whatever avenue they pursue. The skills they acquire will not only be used while working with Raggamuffin, but can be utilized towards their own venture and iU encourages their exploration. We love visiting these amazing women and serving and encouraging them in any way possible. 

On Saturday's, Nelly puts on a Bible School for any children in the area to attend. She provides food and fellowship. Attendance is anywhere from 30-60 kids every week. She says the youth inspires her to love and continue to reach out to her community. Kenya is a special place to iU, and remains close at heart. Inter-United has aspirations of setting up an iU Academy where children have the opportunity to come and learn English as well as other skills sets to aide in their education journey. Knowledge will always remain a top priority to us.

Nelly is partnering with us in this aspiration. She’s wanted her vision of a school to come to fruition for a while now. After her latest visit, Nelly and Jimmy have a plan to get the school started in January 2020.