What we do to cultivate community



Knowledge will always remain our top priority. We believe every child should have the opportunity to attend school. Part of our programs are to make sure the children in the communities we work with have the proper school supplies to attend class. Attending school also means the kids are able to eat. We not only want to nourish their brains, but also their bellies. We have staff on the ground in certain countries where they provide English lessons for individuals in the community. 

Vocational Training

Our goal is to provide skills and knowledge for individuals to excel in their lives. We begin by teaching our friends the necessary skills to progress in their endeavors. We follow it up with the resources to begin the journey and continue along with mentorship and guidance to aid in their success. Changing the way they perceive their value is important to us. Everyone has something to offer and it is not dependent upon their current environment or status.


Soccer, aka football, is the world's sport. And it's also our favorite : ) Sports are a universal language that can be understood anywhere. We have utilized soccer as our main language to speak in communities around the world - breaking down barriers between rivaling neighbors. Walking around with a ball is a good way to make a friend and begin an everlasting relationship. With sports we are able to cultivate trust and begin to communicate about the needs of the area. We also run sports clinics for a fun time. As a fundraiser, we run 3v3 soccer tournaments stateside as iU Friendship Tour.


Everyone is creative; you just need to express it. Our means of expression comes from music and illustration. The arts are another universal language we use to communicate to our friends around the world. We take part in cultural exchanges of music and art in the communities we travel to around the world.  Learning from one another only fosters a stronger friendship. We have staff on the ground in certain countries where music and art lessons are provided for the community. Check out the iU Band and learn more about their tours in China.